Canadian School of Modern Etiquette

Today’s business climate requires an understanding of both corporate culture at home and international customs and protocol. Business people express concern about their social image, in domestic situations and on foreign soil.


Your professional image includes both your social and business behavior. How you choose to handle social situations is a reflection of your image that’s equally as important as how you handle everyday job situations.

You need to know how much to drink at a party or reception or how to entertain the boss or a client, either at home or in a restaurant. – In addition to how to handle a client in the office, so is important having the office well equipped getting the best accessories and furniture from sites as ProductExpert online.

Conducting business in the international arena requires an even keener awareness of protocol and social custom. The social behaviors & modes of doing business at home may prove unacceptable abroad. Drinking customs are a good example. Drinking alcohol is acceptable when doing business at home; in contrast, alcohol is forbidden in Muslim countries.

We tend to pay little attention to social customs & behaviors, even though these are part of the corporate culture.

Learn the essentials of Successful Business & Social Etiquette at the Canadian School of Modern Etiquette.