Find Your WOW Colors

Do you have a sea of black and grey in your closet? Would you like to add some color but don’t know where to start? Is your greatest challenge with your wardrobe adding new color combinations? Do the clothes in your wardrobe enhance your image?

canstockphoto14573155With all the colors & color combinations available, it can be daunting if you are unsure about what truly looks good on you. “Find Your WOW! Colors” is our program for finding the range of colors that suit you best; and they may not be what you think they are! Your favorite colors aren’t necessarily the ones that look good on you. When you wear the right colors, you will look fantastic – your eyes will light up and sparkle, and you will instantly look slimmer, healthier, younger and more vibrant.

You’ll learn how to combine your palette of colors effectively and attractively to create a multitude of unique outfits, giving your wardrobe more versatility with less items. You’ll also receive guidelines on how to easily keep your wardrobe current for years to come by incorporating the latest fashion colors. Learn the colors & color palettes that fit you as well as your personal and professional life. Different colors send different messages. With the right colors, you can look professional, credible, authoritative, approachable, sexy, romantic, classy, reliable or friendly.


You’ll come out of our “Find your WOW! Colors” knowing what colors truly enhance your image and make you look great! And there’s more – you’ll know how to:

  • Select the right hair, makeup and nail polish colors and shades.
  • Save time while shopping, by understanding what colors look good on you.
  • Pack more effectively for traveling.
  • Accessorize with colors, what color accessories suit you.
  • Use accessories to liven up and complete an outfit.

And as an added bonus, during your color analysis we will do your color cosmetic makeup update so you will look fabulous and years younger.

The expert advice & knowledge you will receive, you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Imagine standing in front of your wardrobe, inspired, happy and excited, knowing that every color will look fantastic on you. Imagine the confidence and energy it will bring to your day!

Investing in finding your WOW colors…. It is one of the best investment you can do for yourself! Request your color consultation by filling out the form below. We’ll call you back to book your session

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