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Learn how clothes can make your body look better proportioned and highlight your best features. See how you can minimize your flaws and accentuate the terrific parts of you. When you’re more in-tune with your personal style you’ll feel confident. People will notice your new attitude and positive glow.

Style is completely different from fashion. Impeccable style is timeless…not dictated by trends.
Looking great is not about conforming to what others are wearing, or to what looks good on models so much as about dressing for your unique body & personality. Wear something that is uniquely yours and you’ll shine!

Personal-StyleJust because it looks good on a mannequin or a model doesn’t mean it will look the same on you. It’s not just about the size, it’s about the fit. Different styles fit you differently, and learning what works best for your body will have you looking fabulous.
Style cannot be bought. Spending a lot of money on clothes and buying the latest fashion trends will not ensure you are well dressed. Looking good doesn’t have to be a major financial investment. By knowing your personal style, you can put together great looking outfits for your lifestyle, or the one you aspire to, without spending a lot of money.

Between our AICI training and Style-Speaksour years of experience in image consulting we are able to adapt proven image, color & styling strategies to fit your body-personality style and this is what sets us apart from stylists.

A Personal Style consultation with us will change the way you look at yourself, clothes and fashion forever. The recommendations & guidelines you will receive will simplify your life and make shopping for clothes easier.

It’s an investment that will last you a lifetime…..Most importantly you will feel confident and beautiful!

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