Image & Style Solutions

Do you want to feel better about how you look or how you present yourself? At Image & Style International we have image solutions that will get you looking your best and feeling younger, slimmer and more confident.

Find Your Wow Colors

Discover the Wow colors that will compliment your skin tone, make you look younger, more vibrant and more alive!

Your Personal Style

Learn how to select the right fashion styles to enhance your body while staying aligned with your personality, and fit your lifestyle so you look and feel confident everyday.

Your Professional Image

Close more deals, get that promotion, get hired. Create the professional image that supports your goals and aspirations.

Wardrobe Review

Remove what’s not working, and find out how you can have a month’s worth of great looking outfits with only a handful of items.

Men’s Color & Style

Color & style is not just for women. Enjoy more success in your personal and professional life by finding out what works for you.

Color & Style Me Youthful

Getting older doesn’t mean giving up on fashion. Find the colors & styles that will have you looking years younger.

Healthy Body Image

Look great and thinner now… while your goal weight is still several pounds away. Look slimmer using our color & style techniques.

Personal Shopping

Ensure you don’t go home with clothes that you’ll never wear, that don’t flatter or make you feel good. Shop with an expert.

Online Shopping

Learn the tricks you need to make sure that your online purchases will fit not only your body, but also your style, personality, colors and wardrobe.

We are not cookie-cutter image consultants or stylists…for over a decade we have tailored our solutions & packages to fit your needs.

You want a wardrobe that is practical and easy, that makes you feel beautiful, authentic and empowered…Every. Single. Day? Contact us today and start your journey!

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