Matthieu T

Since having my colours and styling done, I’ve noticed a change in the way I shop for clothes. Thanks to her expertise, Giselle was able to make me see what colours looked best on me and what colours that didn’t suit me at all. Prior to the colour analysis session, when I’d be out shopping, I was choosing a clothing item based only on the way it looked; never stopping to think about whether or not it would look great ‘on me’. When I’m in my colours I seem to get a lot of compliments. Thanks to my consultation, I now know how to look great every time I dress. I can now easily colour coordinate and select the styles that will enhance my appearance and make me look professional when I need to. I am in my late 20’s and I am happy I have this knowledge today. I know, I will only wear colours and styles that enhances me for the rest of my life. An investment that pays for years to come…music to my ears. To men who are looking to enhance their look and feel better about themselves, I highly recommend Giselle’s services.

Matthieu TEntrepreneur Construction