Mélanie Geoffroy

Hello Giselle, I will never forget the day of may 3rd, 2006. I’d known since Christmas that two coworkers and I were going to be getting a bonus in the form of a mini-makeover. The bonus, as it turns out, was put on hold due to the quite hectic phase we were going through at the office, plus, we were in the middle of reorganizing our office space. Because I’m such an easy going person, I didn’t push it; instead I waited patiently… Then one day I figured I’d waited long enough. I went up to my boss and asked her when she was planning to get in touch with Image & Style International regarding the makeovers… Well I finally met Giselle and I can say she’s very nice, down to earth and simply adorable. I felt very much at ease.I was pleasantly surprised at just how much information I received based merely on the shape of my face.

The colour palette was also enjoyable. Wow… I can definitely say that since that day, I have greater self-esteem and I find myself very beautiful.

It’s all so uplifting! What’s more, is since receiving my colour palette, I am more confident in the clothing choices I make. I wear only items in my colours and I look fabulous!Also, I had my hair colour changed.It looks great; I was long overdue. It is a dark brown with tiny meshes. I think it looks great.So basically, this was for me one of my best days in 2006. I think that every woman is entitled to a gift like this one; even if it is a gift to herself. All the suggestions and recommendations I got from Giselle were very helpful indeed. I think I really needed this consultation. I am now applying makeup several times a week and I try out new ideas. I even went out and bought a beautiful apple-green blouse – a nice blend of my greens and yellows.

The funny part is: I never would have worn this colour in the past. Imagine that!!

Thank you,

Mélanie Geoffroy