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In the 10 years we have been in business, we have had the pleasure of assisting countless customers find the styles & colors that work best for them and allows them to feel better about who they are. We’re all about results!

Our mission is to help people look fantastic, focus on their image and understand the role it plays on their personal and professional successes. Teaching men & women ways to empower themselves by improving their total image is what we do. When we work together, you’ll discover that the power to look great is in your hands.

Giselle Demers – Professional Image Consultant

giselle2Hi, I’m Giselle Demers and as an image consultant and personal stylist, I can enhance your appearance and take you on a journey that will bring you and your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary and have you looking great and feeling fabulous in your clothes.

I am not a cookie-cutter stylist, all my image solutions are tailored just for you. I will show you how strong an effect you have on yourself and others through your choice of colors & clothes. When you and I work together, you will learn about what works best for you, your body type, figure, personality, and goals. Feeling good about how you look can translate into higher self- esteem, body acceptance, peace of mind, increased income and credibility in your profession.

I’ve been fascinated with color & clothes ever since I can remember. It probably started with my first Barbie doll – I had so much fun playing with her clothes! I can also remember painting my toenails different colors with my Crayolas when I was a little girl. Then in high school, some students thought that I was wealthy (even though I wasn’t!) because I was very creative with my clothes. (e.g. cutting fringes on a long brown skirt to go with my cowboy boots) and I could easily modify and create new looks with what I had in my closet. Similarly, in the corporate world, I was often complimented for my fashion savvy. When I left one company my colleagues asked “How are we going to know what to wear? You were our fashion guru.”

giselle3Some people are born musicians, others are born writers, or singers. My talent is coordinating colors, patterns and fabrics. I have a knack for easily creating different put-together outfits that are flattering and always current with the latest fashion…I’m never a slave to fashion…but I use fashion to create my unique outfits, thus creating my signature style. This is what I teach my clients, to discover their personality style and how they can develop their own unique looks. They love it!

In 2006, I became one of the first in Montreal to receive international recognition as a Certified Image Consultant through The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Since 2008 I have been the AICI Ambassador for Quebec, Canada and have served on the AICI Philanthropy International Committee for Image and Disabilities, helping men & women living with cancer feel better about how they look.

Image consulting is a profession that allows me to combine my natural artistic ability, my sense of color and style, my knowledge of sewing, my certification in aesthetics and my experience working in the corporate world. In fact, it was my experience working in sales, customer service and human resources that convinced me how absolutely critical our appearance is!

I saw firsthand how a person’s appearance could open doors or close doors. When you work with me, you will get the benefit of both my knowledge and my years of experience in the workforce.

My professional and personal development credentials include:

  • AICI Quebec Ambassador 2008-present – Association of Image Consultants.
  • AICI, FLC Certification 2006 – Association of Image Consultants.
  • Associate Member of AICI, Canada 2005 – Association of Image Consultants.
  • Image Management Training 2005 – International Image Institute, Richmond Hill, Toronto. Women & men’s style and wardrobe coordination.
  • Color Analysis Training 2005 – International Image Institute, Richmond Hill, Toronto.
  • Esthetics Certificate 2004 (with distinction) – Académie International Édith Serei, Montreal, Quebec.
  • Makeup Enhancement – Dectro International Training Institute, St. Laurent , Quebec.
  • Spa Pedicure – Institut Belmonda, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.
  • Fashion Sewing – Fabricville, Montreal.
  • Presenter, Cosmetics – Nuskin Canada (product division).
  • Protocol & Etiquette – Canadian Management – Center, Career Track, & InfoPro, Montreal,Quebec.
  • Effective Communication – The Forum, Montreal , Quebec.
  • Image Makeover – “The Pitch” – actor Ethan: Before and After
  • Image & Style consulting – Positive Connection – a professional introduction service where I give personal image & style consultations.
  • Makeup – Look Good Feel Better volunteer – I provide skin care, hair and makeup tips for women with cancer to help them manage their appearance.

Let me help you find your colors & style today. Contact me using the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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