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Let’s Craft Your Unique Style. Packages Designed to Elevate Your Wardrobe, Boost Confidence, and Reflect Your True Self.

Are you ready to revolutionize your style and unleash newfound confidence?

Welcome to personal styling, where your individuality shines brightest.

Step into Giselle’s world of personalized styling, refined since 2006 to reveal your unique flair.

Specializing in crafting accessories that reflect your individuality, her sessions unveil your authentic style with meticulous attention to detail.


Giselle’s expertise extends to sewing and collaborating with designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses, guiding clients to achieve the perfect fit for their unique body proportions. She ensures each garment is tailored to perfection.


During your session, discover your unique patterns and prints with Giselle’s expert guidance, ensuring selections that complement both your body and personality.


Giselle empowers women to enhance their appearance with expert grooming, hair, and makeup advice for a transformative journey to confidence.

Highlighting the importance of strategic shopping, Giselle urges women to see their wardrobe as a valuable investment.

Her emphasis on quality over quantity empowers clients to excel in savvy shopping, both in-store and online.

Experience rapid and transformative changes with our Unlock Your Unique Style.


Designed to swiftly uncover and embrace your individual flair and confidence, it delivers impactful results in no time.

At the heart of Giselle’s service is a commitment to ensuring every client’s satisfaction. With a focus on quality, she ensures each client’s needs are met.

Hear directly from Giselle’s clients about their remarkable journeys.


I can honestly say that my experience with Giselle was eye-opening and empowering. I now feel beautiful and confident every time I walk out my front door. –Nadia Burelli 

Giselle has been nothing short of transformative. From the color of my hair to the choice of my shoes, every aspect of my style now harmonizes seamlessly. Your guidance has gifted me with a lifetime of confidence and elegance. –Rachel Gingras 

Giselle’s services are worth every penny, an investment all women who spend any amount of money on their clothes should make…the investment pays for itself. –Louise Desjardins 


PACKAGE: Let’s Craft Your Unique Style


Personality Assessment: Conducting assessments or quizzes to identify the client’s personality traits, preferences, and lifestyle factors that influence their style.

Body & Style Analysis: Analyzing the client’s body type, shape and current wardrobe, fashion preferences, and style inspirations to understand their individual style aesthetic.

Personalized Styling Advice: Providing tailored advice and recommendations on clothing styles, colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that best suit the client’s personality and body shape.

Wardrobe Evaluation: Assessing the client’s existing wardrobe to identify pieces that reflect their personality and style, as well as items that may need to be updated or added.

Outfit Creation: Collaborating with the client to create stylish outfits that reflect their personality and can be worn for various occasions, such as work, social events, or casual outings.

  • Mastering Fit, Color Coordination, and Signature Pattern & Prints
  • Accessory Essentials: Jewelry, Eyewear, and much more


Discover Effortless Shopping Strategies

Giselle will give you the keys to unlocking the secrets of effortless shopping, both in-store and online. With her expert guidance, you’ll seamlessly navigate aisles and web pages, handpicking colors and styles that perfectly match your taste. Say goodbye to shopping stress and welcome a newfound confidence in your style journey while saving both time and money.

Did you know that shoppers spend an average of 2.5 hours per week browsing online stores? With Giselle’s strategies, you can significantly reduce that time, leaving you with more hours to enjoy doing what you love.

Additionally, studies show that shoppers who have a clear understanding of their personal style are more likely to make purchases they’re satisfied with. Giselle will help you define your unique style, ensuring that every item you buy reflects your individuality and brings you joy.

Say goodbye to impulse buys and hello to a wardrobe filled with pieces you truly love—all thanks to Giselle.


It’s Your Time Now!

Invest 3.5 hours for $475.00 + tax and unlock a wardrobe that truly reflects your unique personality and enhances your confidence. 

This investment isn’t just for today; it’s a lifetime benefit. During our session, we’ll dive deep into your style goals and preferences. You can expect personalized style advice, outfit recommendations, and insider tips on how to curate a wardrobe that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Whether it’s refining your work attire, refreshing your casual looks, or preparing for a special occasion, our focused 4-hour session will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas and hello to effortless style confidence—all within just 4 hours of investment.


Customized Virtual Sessions for Your Fashion Evolution

Giselle offers personalized virtual sessions tailored to your needs and preferences. Each virtual session typically lasts 1.5 hours and is scheduled at your convenience.

Giselle leads you through engaging discussions and activities in each session, uncovering your unique style essentials while respecting your budget. Together, we will delve into your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. Giselle evaluates your current wardrobe and guides you through trying on pieces to assess fit, quality, and style, as well as how to best accessorize to elevate your outfits.

Additionally, Giselle collaborates with you to strategically build your capsule wardrobe, suggesting essential pieces to purchase that will seamlessly integrate with your existing wardrobe while meeting your style goals and budget. It’s all about You, every step of the way,




PACKAGE:  Revitalize Your Wardrobe and Perfect Your Accessories

Join Giselle for a transformative 2-hour session to uncover new ways of accessorizing and utilizing what you may already have.

The package includes expert guidance on:

  • Elevating your outfit with savvy accessorizing
  • Identifying gaps in your wardrobe and breathing new life into overlooked items
  • Exploring ways to integrate colors, patterns, and prints for added flair
  • Ensuring your garments fit impeccably with expert advice on alterations if required
  • Receive personalized recommendations on essential pieces or accessories to elevate your outfits


Refresh the Outfit Creation and Accessorizing package.

Giselle understands the common struggle her clients face: putting together complete outfits and accessorizing effectively.


If you’re a woman who’s already confident in your clothing style but wants to take it up a notch, this package is perfect for you.


Let Giselle guide you through creating new looks, incorporating patterns and prints, and mastering the art of accessorizing for a polished and personalized ensemble.

With her expertise, you’ll unleash your creativity and uncover innovative ways to elevate your existing wardrobe.

Gain insights into styling techniques tailored to your current pieces, ensuring that you always look and feel your best.


As a seasoned image consultant, Giselle has empowered countless women to express themselves confidently through personalized consultations and hands-on styling sessions.


With her expertise, you’ll learn to accessorize with flair, effortlessly elevating your look while reflecting your unique personality.


Contact Giselle now to book your session or call to discuss how she can tailor her packages to meet your specific needs, whether personal or professional.


Call Giselle at 514-796-1050.



Unlock Your True Beauty Potential with a Color and Style Makeover! Get everything in the Color Analysis and Personal Styling Packages, PLUS Mindful Wardrobe Capsule, and Fabric & Pattern Guide. Get your “Wow” palette of colors discover your unique style and express it confidently. Save time and money with this all-in-one package. 

Total time: Half a day session.

Investment: $599.00 + tax.

Note: this package is for in-person sessions only.


Renée Carrier

Renée Carrier After photo

Before I met Giselle, I spent several years questioning my clothing choices before every outing. My purchases were always based on a whim and the season’s trends. Matching new clothes to my wardrobe became increasingly difficult. I was always dissatisfied, constantly feeling that I didn’t look my best in my outfits.

During my meeting with Giselle, I was absolutely thrilled to discover my color palette, which wasn’t at all what I thought it was. Giselle advised me on the best shades of color for my hair and I love my hair color and makeup colors. I was also thrilled to discover how to enhance my figure and avoid faux-pas. I also learned how to accessorize my clothes. It was a truly enriching experience. I get a lot of compliments and my husband tells me that I’m more dynamic and have more energy. He said to me – Ah, I’ve got my cocotte back!



Meeting Giselle changed my life. The first thing that changed for me was the way I used to shop for clothes. I believed that  I had to wear designer brands and pay a lot for my clothes; I didn’t look at the quality of the garment; In my mind, I had to pay a lot of money to look good. I now shop with color first then style and making certain it is quality fabric.

Plus, since I’ve got my color palette, it’s weird to say but it gives me so much energy I can’t stop, even my friends and boyfriend have noticed. You’ve done me so much good, Giselle. I can’t explain the energy I’ve regained. I feel I’ve got my creativity back and I can’t wait to paint again with my new color palette. It’s hard to explain, it’s like magic, it’s weird.

It was the most beautiful thing I did for myself this year. I came home totally thrilled. Before, I felt blocked, but after seeing you so much my energy came back and a confidence in myself – I’m now fully inspired and can’t wait to start my new painting projects. Once again… thank you thank you, Giselle.


Madeleine Guévin

Madeleine Guévin After photo

To follow up on our unforgettable meeting. When I was young, I often heard the expression “you have to suffer to be beautiful”. I totally disagreed with this statement, but I didn’t know why.

After my session with you, Giselle, I understood why, as a mature and accomplished woman, I would never have believed that color analysis and personalized styling would lead to inner work, awareness and a psychological approach.








I’m talking here about self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-assurance, which are so difficult for us women of all ages to achieve. Only taking the decision to want to improve our appearance puts us in touch with our inner self, increasing our self-esteem and self-confidence, the results of which are assertiveness and self-assurance.

I’ve given myself the right to give myself this gift, which brings me personal satisfaction on a daily basis. Now I walk with my head held high, my body straight and I look straight ahead, feeling an inner sense of well-being, security and self-confidence. Thank you Giselle for giving me the tools I need to feel beautiful and true to myself.


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Call at 514-796-1050. She is enthusiastic about assisting you in discovering what truly suits you, as Giselle loves helping women and excels at what she does best.


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