Color Analysis

Finding Your Wow Colors – No Matter Your Age or Your Skin Tone Shade

Here are the 5 most common problems women have when it comes to colors. Do any resonate with you?

1. Over-reliance on black and grey in your wardrobe, potentially limiting color variety and expression.

2. Uncertainty about certain colors in your wardrobe, perhaps obtained through gifts or based on trends, sales, or others’ recommendations.

3. Feeling washed out due to choosing clothing colors that don’t enhance your complexion, resulting in a tired or dull appearance.

4. Lack of confidence stemming from wearing colors that don’t flatter your natural features, leading to self-consciousness about your appearance.

5. Limited wardrobe options caused by not knowing your best colors, restricting your choices and creativity in outfit selection.


Photo from Angelica Dass – The Humanae project- The artist took 4,000 portraits to show the range of Human Skin Colour that matches it to a color card from Pantone which she uses as a backdrop for the person’s portrait. Below each picture she prints the Official Pantone number- article March 28th, 2018. See Pantone- Skin tone Guide collection of 110 real skin tone shades. Colors were developed to present the best color match when evaluated under D65 (Daylight 6500k) lighting.


Experience a comprehensive color analysis for precise outcomes, ensuring accuracy across all skin tones.


A color analysis isn’t just about finding the right colors; it’s about unlocking a whole new level of confidence and self-expression.





Enhancing Natural Beauty: A Color Analysis enables women to identify the hues that harmonize with their complexion, hair, and eye color, accentuating their natural features and radiance.

Elevating Confidence: By discovering their most flattering colors, women can confidently choose clothing and makeup that enhance their appearance, boosting self-esteem and empowering them to present their best selves to the world.

Streamlining Wardrobe Choices: Armed with the knowledge of their ideal color palette, women can streamline their wardrobe choices, ensuring that every garment they select complements their complexion and coordinates effortlessly with their existing pieces.

Making Informed Purchases: A Color Analysis helps women make informed purchasing decisions, allowing them to invest in clothing, accessories, and makeup that align with their unique color profile, thereby avoiding costly mistakes and creating a cohesive, versatile wardrobe.

Achieving Timeless Style: By understanding their personal color palette, women can cultivate a timeless sense of style that transcends fleeting fashion trends, ensuring that their wardrobe remains relevant and sophisticated for years to come.

Personal Branding: Aligning your wardrobe with your best colors presents you authentically, making a lasting impression in any setting.

Ultimately, undergoing a Color Analysis is not just about selecting flattering colors—it’s about embracing one’s individuality, enhancing confidence, and achieving a harmonious and authentic style that resonates with every aspect of a woman’s life.


Check out Alessandra Loria’s transformation:

Her best palette is the Cool. Warm palette NO

I was really surprised to find out that my undertone was way Cooler than it was warm.

As soon as Giselle started to drape me with the different colors of warm and cool, I quickly saw – oh wow! I do look better in cooler colors then warmer colors.

I even did the lipstick test (cool shades vs warm shades) and it was so evident that the cooler shade look best on me.

Like Giselle said- You may love certain colors, but they may not love you back lol. After Giselle’s colour analysis session- my life changed!

Finding clothes is much easier and faster now that I have my palette of colors.

Alessandra in one of her WOW colors!

Another great thing is that I stopped wasting money buying clothes that bring my image down.

There is no space for confusion anymore, I know what colours of make-up, accessories, hair dye, jewellery is right for me. People compliment me all the time!

Sometimes they can’t point the finger to what changed in my appearance, but I know that what they see is the harmony that the right colours bring to my image.

Also, I made peace with many colours that I used to dislike and now, magically, I cannot give up on them, I just love them (and they love me back).

Giselle is extraordinary!

She is kind and considerate and really know how to make people feel comfortable. She is an eternal source of knowledge in image, colours, style, and so more.

I learn a big deal on colours in clothing, colour psychology, hair colours, make-up, accessories, and jewellery. Plus, we had a lot of fun!


Why Giselle only offers and In-person Color Analysis Only vs Online? Which is Optimal: In-Person or Virtual Color Analysis Consultation?

  • In-person consultations enable the observation of subtle nuances in skin tone, undertones, and natural coloring that may not translate accurately in photographs or digital images.
  • Can assess how different colors and fabrics interact with the client’s complexion in real-time, offering immediate feedback and adjustments.
  • The tactile experience of draping various color fabrics against the client’s skin provides a more comprehensive understanding of which colors truly enhance their appearance.
  • Personal interaction allows consultants to tailor recommendations based on the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and individual style, resulting in a more customized experience.
  • Natural lighting, provides the most accurate assessment of how colors interact with your skin tone.
  • Overall, in-person consultations ensure a more personalized and accurate Color Analysis experience, delivering unparalleled results.



Clear Benefits of Face-to-Face Color Analysis Compared to Virtual Consultation.  Superior Results of In-Person Sessions with a Seasoned Consultant.


Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and experience the enchantment of In-Person Comprehensive Color Analysis.

Giselle’s passion for colors runs deep, and she understands the transformative power they hold. Trained as an image consultant in 2005, Giselle personally underwent a color analysis, discovering her own WOW palette as a Soft Autumn.

She lives by her palette, exclusively wearing colors that complement her natural beauty. She believes that Every color is beautiful on the right person and every person is beautiful in the right colours.

With Giselle, you’re not just getting a consultation – you’re getting a personal journey guided by someone who practices what she preaches.

Since 2005, Giselle has embarked on a journey of empowering women through color analysis, conducting over 1,000 sessions with individuals spanning diverse ethnicities and age groups.

Her expertise extends beyond color analysis, with certifications in Esthetics and Makeup since 2003, enabling her to assist mature women, particularly those over 50, in selecting makeup colors that enhance their natural features.

From subtle tweaks in application techniques to personalized recommendations for lipstick shades and eyebrow contouring, Giselle is committed to helping clients unlock their beauty potential and embrace their unique style effortlessly.


Experience age-defying confidence with Colour Analysis for women over 50!

Giselle, a fellow boomer, offers personalized services that cater to the specific needs of mature women.

From uncovering your perfect palette of colors to offering expert guidance on hair, makeup, jewelry, and eyewear choices, she ensures every aspect is addressed with care and understanding.

But Giselle doesn’t stop there. She also advocates for teens to discover their colors early on, knowing the significant benefits they’ll gain.

By embracing their WOW colors from a young age, they’ll not only look their best but also feel empowered by a wardrobe that grows with them throughout their lives.


Colour Analysis is not just for adults.

Understanding your ideal color palette isn’t just for adults. Teenagers can benefit greatly from discovering their best colors during these formative years.

In an age where social media and beauty standards influence youth, a color analysis empowers teens to make informed choices about their wardrobe and makeup.

By learning what colors compliment their complexion early on, they can develop a sense of personal style that boosts confidence and authenticity.

Color analysis isn’t just about makeup and clothes; it’s about confidence. Whether you’re a teenager navigating makeup choices or a young professional preparing for an important event, discovering your best colors can make a significant impact in today’s competitive world.


Say farewell to color-related challenges and welcome your perfect palette! Elevate your style and confidence!

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