Virtual Image & Style Consultations

Visualize yourself exuding confidence with a fantastic style that perfectly embodies your personality.

Achieving this requires understanding what complements you and mastering the art of outfit coordination.

However, you may feel uncertain about where to begin or doubt that it’s attainable.

This uncertainty can lead to frustration and even a decline in confidence, particularly during pivotal moments.

Giselle firmly believes that you shouldn’t have to endure these feelings, which is why I’ve simplified the process of achieving your style and confidence aspirations.

Here are three avenues to explore:

It’s All About You

With Giselle as your image consultant, your unique essence takes center stage. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; rather, we embrace the individuality of each client. As your dedicated consultant, she understands the importance of personalization.

By discovering your STYLE PERSONALITY, Giselle tailors her recommendations to reflect your distinct identity and lifestyle. With her guidance, your wardrobe becomes a true reflection of who you are, empowering you to express yourself with confidence and authenticity.

We kick off by uncovering your unique clothing styles, allowing you to radiate your authentic essence and shine brightly. Then, delve into the essential elements of smart wardrobe management and effortless style expression.

Master the art of minimalist fashion to optimize your clothing budget and align with your life objectives seamlessly. Stay ahead of the fashion curve with expert guidance on trends and accessories, confidently navigating the diverse array of styles and colors.

Additionally, for women over 45, explore strategies to exude youthfulness and confidence effortlessly. Say goodbye to fashion blunders and costly mistakes as you transform your wardrobe into a strategic investment in your self-image and empowerment.


Learn the Key Essentials of PERSONAL STYLING and SMART SHOPPING


  • The POWER OF STYLING, how to style > colors, patterns, layering, textures
  • The formula behind HOW TO DRESS > WHAT to wear, WHY to wear & HOW to wear
  • Style a HEAD-TO-TOE LOOK > How to COMBINE a full look: Outfit, shoes, bags, accessories
  • ‘SHOP YOUR WARDROBE’ > UTILIZE your wardrobe to the MAX and buy LESS
  • Save MONEY & TIME with SMART SHOPPING > Sale shopping, online shopping, and investment buying


The beauty of the Virtual Session is that it is very convenient if you cannot come to her. 

Giselle tailors consultations to the client’s needs- whether it is an overhaul or simply a refresher


This Virtual Style Consultation is for you if:


  • You are not happy or inspired when you stand in front of your wardrobe either wondering what to wear or how to create a new outfit that you will feel good in and look great for all your occasions. 
  • Your closet is full of Mish mash of styles, colors, or worse a sea of black & greys. 
  • You are now struggling with selecting among the numerous fashion styles and colors that are best for your personality dressing & accessories styles that will enhance your body type, your body shape your facial shape, and your unique body characteristics (neck, shoulders, torso, hips, legs ) and understand the reasons as to why you don’t feel good or comfortable in certain styles of clothing.
  • You are wearing only 20% of your clothes (and accessories) Why are you keeping and not wearing ALL of your clothes? – Do you know why?  There are many different reasons as to why women have so many clothes and barely or worse never wear.  One of the common reasons women don’t wear their clothes is because of the “Fit” is too small, too big, or it just doesn’t feel right.  
  • You feel you may be a slave to Fashion.  Year after year, we are bombarded with New Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter fashion styles, colors, and accessories trends.  You can be easily influenced by all the famous ‘’ Must haves’’  that the Fashion magazines tells you that you absolutely must have them in order to be in style that season.  You believe and you buy and then you try to create a variety of outfits but it is not working because you realize what you purchased is either in the wrong colours, fabrics, patterns, or styles and you are still missing items to complete your outfits.  And what about those items you bought because ‘’ It was on Sale’. You believed that you would wear it but the truth is 9 times out of 10 you did not and some still perhaps have the price tag on it. Surely you think you will find a piece that will go with it. Do you have many orphans in your closet?  If you want to stop being influenced by fashion trends must-haves and be totally confident of what looks best on you. You can. And learn how easily you can navigate through all the fashion styles, colors, and accessories trends for the rest of your life.
  • You’re tired of wasting your hard-earned money on poor purchases.  I would like for you to visit your wardrobe today and mentally calculate the amount of money hanging in your wardrobe right now that you are not wearing (including accessories)$$$. Now imagine all that money spent on clothing & accessories that were perfect for you.
  • You want to be happy, look great, and love what you wear then  I strongly suggest that you do not buy another single  clothing or accessory and contact me today and discover what will truly work for You for the rest of your life. Invest in yourself and your wardrobe today. 


Take advantage of my promotion, I guarantee you will be very happy you did.

HOW Giselle Virtual Session Proceeds


1 week before your scheduled Zoom session, you will receive by email the following:


1.  Image profile questionnaire – helps you identify all your image, style, and wardrobe woes, and the results you want to achieve.

2. Body-Personality Quiz– Discover your personality style so can truly Shine- this quiz will help you identify your fashion dressing styles and understand why some clothing styles are so you and why others are not….Visit my website and read on Personality Styles for more information. But I will explain all during our call.

3. Two photos – full body front (details will be given to you on how to take your photos).

4. Once you return the image questionnaire. Body-Personality Quiz and your photos, you indicate days or evenings you are available and Giselle will schedule a Zoom session via email. Once confirmed Giselle will call you via Zoom.

5. Payment

During your first session via Zoom – Time TBD can range from I hour to a few hours (determined during the booking call).


Giselle will first review your image questionnaire to pinpoint all your image and wardrobe issues, concerns, and priorities.  ** If you are a professional, we can focus on your professional appearance and business wardrobe if you desire.


Then on to your Body-Personality Quiz. This is truly a lot of fun, and it has been an eye-opener for many of my clients as it helped them to better understand why they felt uncomfortable in certain styles of clothing and what works for them and what does not. We focus on the positive.


Mindful Wardrobe – Audit- Plan- Coordinate -Organize- is a step-by-step plan on how you can immediately purge your closet of all clothing items and accessories that DON’T serve you. You will finally understand all the whys you only wear 20% and begin to look at your wardrobe as an investment and a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle.


Stop second-guessing your style. Become that confident individual 

Get in touch today for a free phone consultation.

If you are sitting on the fence about if someone can truly help bring out your best appearance, get off the fence and contact Giselle right now! –Tina L. 

I have never received so many compliments. My friends keep telling me how great I look in this top or that outfit. And my favorite compliment is ‘You look so much younger.’ Now that is music to my ears. –Paulina L. 

I think that every woman is entitled to a gift like this one; even if it is a gift to herself. All the suggestions and recommendations I got from Giselle were very helpful indeed. –Mélanie Geoffroy 


Unsure which Image & Style service or package fits your needs?

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