Unlock Your Glow: Embrace the Transformative Power of  COLOR &  PERSONAL STYLE for a Radiant New You!


Feeling uncertain and uninspired in front of your closet?


You’re not alone. Many women struggle with confidence and decision fatigue in personal style. Second-guessing fashion choices can lead to loss of self-assurance.

The endless clothing options often overwhelm and exhaust us, making getting dressed a daily struggle. But fear not! With guidance, you can reclaim confidence and rediscover the joy of your unique style.

It’s time to transform your wardrobe into a delightful expression of self-confidence.


Welcome to your ultimate style haven!


At Image & Style International, Giselle is thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for you.

From personalized image consulting to expert color analysis, personal styling, outfit creation, mastering the fundamentals of accessorizing, wardrobe optimization, and strategic shopping.

Rest assured, with Giselle’s years of experience and expertise she can address any concerns you may have about your appearance and wardrobe.

The outcome of these services is a confident and effortlessly stylish wardrobe that reflects your unique personality and enhances your overall image.

Don’t take my word – Read what my clients say.


I owe this renewed sense of self and well-being to you. –Véronique Bélinge, B.A. 

Now shopping for clothes and accessorizing outfits will always be effortless and stress-free. –Elizabeth Lee 

Freedom and confidence to shop for clothes and accessories that simply work together and look good on me –Paulina Podgorska 


  • Image Consulting: Gain insight into how to enhance your overall image, including grooming, etiquette, and personal style.


  • Expert Color Analysis: Discover the colors that complement your complexion, making it easier to choose clothing and accessories that enhance your natural beauty.


  • Personal Styling: Receive personalized guidance on selecting clothing and accessories that align with your body shape, lifestyle, and preferences.


  • Outfit Creation: Learn how to mix and match clothing items to create stylish and cohesive outfits for various occasions, saving time and effort in the process.


  • Mastering the Fundamentals of Accessorizing: Understand how to use accessories effectively to elevate your outfits and express your personal style with flair.


  • Wardrobe Optimization: Streamline and organize your wardrobe to ensure you have a curated collection of clothing items that fit well, suit your style, and cater to your lifestyle needs.


  • Strategic Shopping: Develop skills to shop smartly, making informed decisions that align with your personal style, budget, and wardrobe gaps, ultimately saving money and avoiding impulse purchases.


The outcome of these services is a confident and effortlessly stylish wardrobe that reflects your unique personality and enhances your overall image.


Unlock your true style potential and rediscover the joy of getting dressed every day.


Whether you’re juggling a demanding career, navigating the joys of motherhood, or savoring retirement’s leisure, we’re here to cater to your style needs. Be it preparing for a special occasion, updating your professional attire, or simply seeking a style boost, count on us to make the journey enjoyable, effortless, and immensely fulfilling. Let’s create your perfect style solution together!


Embark on a journey to discover the colors, shapes, and fashion choices that mirror your essence, elevate your beauty, and champion your individuality.

Embrace a wardrobe that speaks volumes about who you truly are, bidding farewell to style missteps along the way!


So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to fashion frustration and hello to a wardrobe that works for you, Giselle invites you to explore the colour and style solutions and take the first step towards a more stylish, confident you.


Seize this opportunity to focus on yourself and embark on a transformative style journey with Giselle, rediscovering your beauty and confidence in every outfit. Your radiant new look is within reach.

Let’s bring your style aspirations to life together!


Looking forward, I’m more committed than ever to inspiring and empowering women of diverse backgrounds. As an image consultant, I’m not just styling wardrobes; I’m transforming lives.


Whether you’re gearing up for a special event, revamping your work wardrobe, or simply craving a style refresh, we’re here to make the process fun, easy, and oh-so-rewarding. Let’s create your perfect style solution together.


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