Color Analysis Package

Transformative Colour Analysis Experience

Unveil Your Inner Radiance – Regardless of Age

Step into Giselle’s world of color, where she conducts her In-Person Color Analysis Consultation with expertise and passion. Experience the transformative power of Giselle’s Color Analysis Consultation, a comprehensive 3-hour session meticulously designed to unveil the perfect tints, tones, and shades that enhance your natural beauty. Get ready to discover a whole new world of colors that truly complement your skin tone and elevate your appearance!

Unlocking Your Color Journey: What to Expect During the Analysis Session

Giselle will warmly welcome you to her studio, creating a comfortable and inviting environment for your session. With genuine excitement, she will start by getting to know you, discussing your unique style preferences, lifestyle, and any specific goals or concerns you have regarding colors and your appearance.

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation!

  • Skin Tone Assessment: With specific color drapes, she will carefully assess your skin tone, paying close attention to undertone and subtle nuances that influence how colors interact with your complexion.

  • Color Draping: She will drape you with a variety of colored fabrics, ranging from warm to cool tones.

    Utilizing natural lighting, both you and Giselle will observe how different colors interact with your complexion in real-time. She will promptly provide her feedback based on these observations, so you can observe for yourself how each color interact- quickly will noticed the best colors and those to avoid.

    You’ll experience the tactile sensation of draping various color fabrics against your skin, gaining a deeper understanding of which hues truly enhance your appearance.

  • Personalized Palette: Based on the result of the analysis, your best color palette will be determined. Your WOW colors of tints, tones, and shades.

    Giselle will also determine your metals for your skin tones suit you best, whether they are cool or warm, and we’ll also consider your hair color (especially if you’re considering coloring it).

    Your best palette of colors will be your guide for selecting not only for your clothing, but for your hair, makeup, eyewear, jewelry, and all other accessories.

    Giselle will also show you your ideal makeup colors and provide personalized suggestions and tips tailored to your unique facial features. ***bring your makeup kit.

  • Color Coordination: Giselle will teach you to use your palette like a color wheel, enabling you to create various color combinations effortlessly. You will learn effective methods to maximize your wardrobe’s versatility with fewer items using your color palette. *** bring 2-4 distinct color items for assessment.

    You’ll discover your best neutrals beyond traditional black, navy, and beige, and accent colors that you can integrate into your existing wardrobe.

    Additionally, she’ll suggest specific clothing items and accessories to consider purchasing that will align perfectly with your optimal colors.


+ Receive Pro tips on how to create your first color clothing module.

+ Planning your next shopping excursion. This ensures that every purchase you make contributes to a cohesive and flattering wardrobe, saving you both time and money in the long run.

+ Receive your color swatch wallet (value $50.00) that contains 36 fabrics of your best colors.


Benefits and value of your fabric color swatch palette

Your color swatch wallet is an invaluable tool for shopping as it allows you to quickly and confidently identify clothing and accessory options that align perfectly with your best colors.

By carrying your personalized color palette with you, you eliminate the guesswork and time-consuming process of browsing through items that may not suit you.

The fabric color swatch is perfect for in-store shopping, especially under fluorescent lighting. By comparing the Swatch with clothing items in the store, you can accurately judge how the colors complement each other.


When shopping for colors, a fabric swatch wallet offers significantly more value compared to a plastic card.

The fabric swatch provides a realistic representation of color, allowing you to accurately assess how it will look against your skin tone and in various lighting conditions (as stores have florescent lighting).

In contrast, plastic cards may not accurately depict color nuances and may not provide the tactile experience needed for effective color coordination.

Additionally, fabric swatches are more durable and versatile, allowing for easier comparison with clothing items and accessories while ensuring a more seamless shopping experience.

Our color wallets are sturdy made to last, maintaining quality over time. Each color palette has thirty-six carefully selected fabric colors, meticulously assembled by hand by image consultants. No plastic or cardboard cut-outs.


As your session wraps up, Giselle’s aim is for you to feel confident and excited, having unveiled your perfect colors and banished any lingering doubts about your color choices.


Please note: Giselle Color Analysis sessions are scheduled between 10:00 am and 11:00 am to optimize natural light for accurate color assessment.

Now, say goodbye to color mishaps and embrace stress-free shopping with confidence.

Imagine the joy of opening your closet to find every color perfectly complementing you, boosting your confidence and vitality every day and enjoy shopping again as it will become effortless, saving you your precious time and money while ensuring every purchase flatters your unique hues.


Book your color analysis session with Giselle today and unlock the joy of effortlessly flattering colors!


Your investment: $300.00 + tax for a lifetime of looking, feeling, and being confidently beautiful.


Giselle would be thrilled to lead you through this transformative experience.

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