Elizabeth Lee

I wanted to write to you and let you know how happy I am and how great it was having you help me with my Colors!

When you first came to see me I did not even know that we had colors specific to our skin tones and as we went through the process it was so clear in the end.  And now I’m set for life.



It was such a positive Professional Service that you gave, I loved every minute of it. I felt like the center of it all, amazing Experience and I would do it all again everyone needs this in their life, it will save time, money and frustration while shopping.

Again thank you for everything especially making sure all arrangements were made for the full makeover I underwent and for just being there. You are a wonderful Person and a pleasure to be around.

Thank you for the advice and the whole process of making my shopping life all that much easier. Shopping for clothes, deciding on hair colour or accessories will forever be simple and stress free from now on and everybody needs you to steer them in the right direction.



Needless to say, best thing that has happened to me in a long time was being able to have you help me. I need to say again this was a fabulous experience and you are a great at what you do, the client always comes First and although this was something I had won, I never once felt like I missed out on any of the care and professionalism you conduct your business with.

Thank you so much Giselle for everything.



Renée Carrier

Before I met Giselle, I spent several years questioning my clothing choices before every outing. My purchases were always based on a whim and the season’s trends. Matching new clothes to my wardrobe became increasingly difficult. I was always dissatisfied, constantly feeling that I didn’t look my best in my outfits.

During my meeting with Giselle, I was absolutely thrilled to discover my color palette, which wasn’t at all what I thought it was. Giselle advised me on the best shades of color for my hair and I love my hair color and makeup colors. I was also thrilled to discover how to enhance my figure and avoid faux-pas. I also learned how to accessorize my clothes. It was a truly enriching experience. I get a lot of compliments and my husband tells me that I’m more dynamic and have more energy. He said to me – Ah, I’ve got my cocotte back!



Meeting Giselle changed my life. The first thing that changed for me was the way I used to shop for clothes. I believed that  I had to wear designer brands and pay a lot for my clothes; I didn’t look at the quality of the garment; In my mind, I had to pay a lot of money to look good. I now shop with color first then style and making certain it is quality fabric.

Plus, since I’ve got my color palette, it’s weird to say but it gives me so much energy I can’t stop, even my friends and boyfriend have noticed. You’ve done me so much good, Giselle. I can’t explain the energy I’ve regained. I feel I’ve got my creativity back and I can’t wait to paint again with my new color palette. It’s hard to explain, it’s like magic, it’s weird.

It was the most beautiful thing I did for myself this year. I came home totally thrilled. Before, I felt blocked, but after seeing you so much my energy came back and a confidence in myself – I’m now fully inspired and can’t wait to start my new painting projects. Once again… thank you thank you Giselle.


Madeleine Guévin

To follow up on our unforgettable meeting. When I was young, I often heard the expression “you have to suffer to be beautiful”. I totally disagreed with this statement, but I didn’t know why. After my session with you, Giselle, I understood why, as a mature and accomplished woman, I would never have believed that color analysis and personalized styling would lead to inner work, awareness and a psychological approach.



I’m talking here about self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-assurance, which are so difficult for us women of all ages to achieve. Only taking the decision to want to improve our appearance puts us in touch with our inner self, increasing our self-esteem and self-confidence, the results of which are assertiveness and self-assurance.

I’ve given myself the right to give myself this gift, which brings me personal satisfaction on a daily basis. Now I walk with my head held high, my body straight and I look straight ahead, feeling an inner sense of well-being, security and self-confidence. Thank you Giselle for giving me the tools I need to feel beautiful and true to myself.


Alexandria Loria

My experience with Giselle’s one-on one color analysis training was incredibly fulfilling.

Not only did I grasp the theory behind color analysis, but I delved into its history, psychology, and most importantly, got hands-on practice! Giselle stands out among image consultants by providing ample opportunities for practical training with her tools.



By the end of the course, I was confidently offering color consultation services to clients.

Having undergone the training in person with Giselle, I can’t stress enough the value of this approach. It’s hard for me to fathom why anyone would opt for an online course in color analysis.

Trust me, you’d be missing out on a significant opportunity to master the art of offering high-quality and accurate color consultation.

Giselle isn’t just an expert teacher in image, colors, and style; she embodies passion and dedication in everything she does. Overall, the course was exceptionally comprehensive and qualifying.


Véronique Bélinge, B.A.

Since, my sessions with you, I have received a lot of compliments, especially from my husband Martin. 



He says that what I wear now feels more…natural and close to who I am (light Summer palette), low contrast, dove gray, blush pink (a lot of it) aqua blue, seafoam green etc.

The overall impression in my outfits is airy. Feminine, more monochromatic, delicate, yet cheerful, but also, and mostly, graceful, does this make any sense to you?. I’ve always struggled to find the three keywords that would describe my style, and now I know: Cheerful, Graceful, and Grounded.

I owe this renewed sense and well being to you. Thank you, thank you.


Paulina Podgorska

Giselle gave me freedom and confidence to shop for clothes and accessories that simply work together and look good on me. For a woman, this is simply priceless. Giselle was able to pinpoint best colours for my skin tone, best shapes of clothes for my silhouette and my personality.

She has an incredible eye for colour matching, clothes matching and accessory choices. Now I can shop for clothes that really fit me, and have the confidence that I will use them over and over again. No more mistakes,no more insecurities, only a feeling of looking great with each piece of my wardrobe. I highly recommend Giselle to any woman.


Nadia Burelli (Winner of a Makeover)

Eye Opening and Empowering. Being one of the winners of the Deserving Divas contest was an extremely rewarding experience.  Not only was I pampered all day at the spa, I was also treated to a consultation with an image consultant.  Before meeting with Giselle Demers, I had no idea what an Image Consultant was!



The consultation began in her home, where she took all sorts of measurements and helped me to figure out (with her numerous colour palettes) what colours I needed to be wearing.  She then took me shopping, and this is where I realized just how important is to dress for my body and how influential colour is in optimizing my appearance and image. I learned everything from what neckline to wear to what length skirt and what style pants would flatter me most.

Giselle was extremely professional and had a wonderful way of making me feel extremely comfortable, and most importantly, respected! I can honestly say that my experience with Giselle was eye-opening and empowering. I now feel beautiful and confident every time I walk out my front door.  I would highly recommend Giselle’s services to every woman.

After all, I feel that we are all deserving Divas in our own way and deserve to pamper ourselves every now and then!

Thanks again Giselle!


Denise Parent

Giselle is a fellow artist that sees beauty in clothes. Thank You for making the ordinary extraordinary.


Jayne Blumenthal

Giselle is an extremely talented Image Consultant. From the first meeting with Giselle, it was evident that she was extremely knowledgeable in her field. Beyond her knowledge, she was extremely passionate as well. She spend a lot of time explaining to me the shapes I should wear for my body type and personality type as well as the colours that looked best on me.

I would strongly recommend Giselle to anyone who is seeking to portray the very best image of themselves. Thank you Giselle!!! I am so happy to have found you!


Rachel Gingras (Winner of a Makeover)



Boost my confidence & Self Esteem.  Before seeing Giselle, I always wore black and grey- it was easy, I did not have to think about much because I was too busy. Thanks to Giselle, I started feeling like myself again, my boyfriend cried when he saw me after my transformation ( Makeover). He knew, I was a blond and now he loves that I am actually a True Red head.

A wonderful gift Giselle has given me. I now know all my colours that look great on me, and my clothing styles and I even now know how to accessorize. I never thought that just by wearing the right colours and clothing styles- that would boost my confidence and self esteem.

Thank you, Giselle, for bringing out the beauty that was asleep inside for many years.


Karen Edwards

Giselle has an experienced talent for making you look and feel your best.
Using her intuitive talents Giselle has a natural instinct to suggest colour and style that bring out your professional and personal style. I highly recommend Giselle’s image consulting services.


Betty Crisante

I highly recommend using Giselle’s services to find out how you can look your best at all times! She is compassionate and caring and knows her stuff.



At this point, I was dreading the casual Fridays at the office! Thus, I decided to seek professional advice. I went to Giselle Demers owner of Image & Style International, who provided me with a good analysis of my body type and shape and coordinated a professional wardrobe. Her expertise provided me with a professional and business casual looks, and an overall image and style profile. Following her advice, I decided to have my new suits custom-made from Linda Morrissette. Giselle showed me how to interchange and create different looks for business, social events, and, of course, the dreaded casual Fridays! She also advised me on the appropriate hair colour and how to apply my make-up (I used to wear none!).



Since her intervention, I have reorganized my wardrobe and I have been complimented on my new image by everyone! The ultimate satisfaction came on a casual Friday when the President complimented me on my outfit! I felt relieved and quite confident this time! Giselle’s valuable assistance has not only enhanced my professional image but my self-assurance in choosing the right clothing for the right occasion and make-up in the future!

Needless to say, I can affirm that there is always room for improvement and enhancement of one’s image. It’s also good to try something new….kind of makes you feel good when people start passing nice comments on the way you look and put more attention to your ideas and contributions as well!

Thank you Giselle!


Dagmar Daghofer

I had the pleasure of working with Giselle on two occasions when she selected my outfit and accessories for my professional photo’s and again when she did my colors analysis defining my best colors for me.

Both occasions she gave a great deal of time and knowledge. She was a pleasure to work with and look forward to working with her again!


Arlene Taveroff

Giselle did so much more than find my colors and style! Armed with her vast amount of knowledge, she taught me the reasons behind those color and styling choices and gave me great makeup advice. Now I truly love all my clothes and feel so good in them!

When I go shopping, it’s so easy: I know exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for and when I find it, I know for sure that it’s right and that it will mix and match with existing items in my closet. I now have a wardrobe that is truly ME and adaptable to any business or fun situation I find myself in! Use Giselle’s services – it’s an investment in yourself that’s so worth it!


Tina L.



Thank you Giselle, for such a wonderful experience.

I never thought colours & styling could impact our appearance so much, and after you had done Winston’s re-styling, I had to hire you as well.

To anyone reading this, Giselle Demers really takes a hands-on approach to your style and helps to bring out your BEST! …

And if you are sitting on the fence about if someone can truly help bring out your best appearance, get off the fence and contact Giselle right now!


Mélanie Geoffroy

Hello Giselle, I will never forget the day of may 3rd, 2006. I’d known since Christmas that two coworkers and I were going to be getting a bonus in the form of a mini-makeover. The bonus, as it turns out, was put on hold due to the quite hectic phase we were going through at the office, plus, we were in the middle of reorganizing our office space. Because I’m such an easy going person, I didn’t push it; instead I waited patiently… Then one day I figured I’d waited long enough.

I went up to my boss and asked her when she was planning to get in touch with Image & Style International regarding the makeovers… Well I finally met Giselle and I can say she’s very nice, down to earth and simply adorable. I felt very much at ease.I was pleasantly surprised at just how much information I received based merely on the shape of my face.

The colour palette was also enjoyable. Wow… I can definitely say that since that day, I have greater self-esteem and I find myself very beautiful.

It’s all so uplifting! What’s more, is since receiving my colour palette, I am more confident in the clothing choices I make. I wear only items in my colours and I look fabulous!Also, I had my hair colour changed.It looks great; I was long overdue. It is a dark brown with tiny meshes. I think it looks great.So basically, this was for me one of my best days in 2006.

I think that every woman is entitled to a gift like this one; even if it is a gift to herself. All the suggestions and recommendations I got from Giselle were very helpful indeed. I think I really needed this consultation. I am now applying makeup several times a week and I try out new ideas. I even went out and bought a beautiful apple-green blouse – a nice blend of my greens and yellows.

The funny part is: I never would have worn this colour in the past. Imagine that!!

Thank you!


Louise Desjardins

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous amount of attention you brought to making my makeover a great success.  I was a bit sceptical about having my colours analyzed, thinking that I was already quite capable of putting together a great wardrobe.

However, after having experienced your service, I do not look at buying clothes in the same way, and find that shopping is much easier because I know what works for me right away. As well, I am saving money because my suits can be crossed-matched, and I save so much time in the morning!



The colour scheme you picked for me is generating so many compliments, and that goes for my hair as well.  Again I was not sure, but you were right on, cool blond…a first for me, does wonders for my complexion and does wonder to bring out my eyes.

This will help me greatly in the work I do a spokesperson both in live meeting and on television.

Thank you Giselle for your dedication, professionalism, and your obvious expertise in your domain.

Your services are worth every penny, an investment all women who spend any amount of money on their clothes, hair colour and makeup should make…the investment pays for itself.

I will be recommending you to all my friends and business acquaintances.


Sylvie-Ann Fortier

What a great tool! I haven’t stopped using my colour palette. I recently went shopping at Maude’s – the clothing store you recommended. By the way it’s a great place. I ended up buying a suit. Earlier this week I wore my new suit along with the appropriate accessories and finally had my hair coloured (in it’s best colour).

Anyway, I was using a restaurant washroom, where another lady happened to be, and she just went on and on about how great I looked in the colours I was wearing; that everything was in such harmony. Giselle, it works!!!

Once again, thank you very much. I’ve not yet finished making changes to my wardrobe; slowly but surely I’ll get there… I feel reassured now that I’ve been using my new colour palette when I go shopping.

This is all the more important to me as I am presently seeking employment.


A. Rocha

Hello Giselle, I’m glad I had my colours done  –you did a great job. I changed my hair colour. My husband and I find the new hair colour looks a lot like the colour that you recommended. People at the office think it looks great on me. One of them even said that it really brings out my eyes. I went shopping the other day and I’m much faster at selecting items.

I’m finding it much easier to use my palette even if the tones are still a challenge. What I do is when I try on something in the changing room, I pull out my colour palette to compare colours with the selected item to make sure it is right for me. I then look to see how the item matches up with my skin tone. I’m finding this helps me make the right choices.


Pauline L.

I am 70 years old. I recently had my personal colours and style done.  I only wish that this service had been available when I was in my twenties. But better late than never.

I have never received so many compliments. My friends keep telling me how great I look in this top or that outfit. And my favorite compliment is ‘You look so much younger.’ Now that is music to my ears.





Hi, Giselle! Hope you are well. Just wanted to share with you some new pictures with the right hair color and clothes… and a happier me! Thank you so much for your precious advice!!!




Aurele Larrivé

How just one day with Giselle changed me for the better…Looking more attractive and feeling more self-assured.

When my sister in law Dina proposed to offer me a styling session to celebrate my 40th birthday , I did not know at all what adventure I was getting into. However, I felt that it would be worth it! And as a result it was great. I literally rediscovered myself! My sister in law heard that little voice in me that resonated deep inside me, but I would keep brushing it aside. Clearly it was time for me to personalize my style!

Several years ago Dina had seen Giselle and she was so pleased how not only that she looked better on the outside but how it gave her more confidence about herself….She knew this is what I needed.

And this is how I met Giselle Demers. After just one day with her , I was no longer the same . Not that I had become another person, on the contrary, I got in touch with myself. I regained a vitality that I had forgotten simply by wearing colours and styles that was perfect for my personality. I had a wardrobe full of black and grey and I found myself loving my new palette of colors that I had previously spontaneously rejected A real makeover!

In addition, the shopping experience with Giselle taught me to choose my clothes and jewelry, and how to coordinate my colours and styles to create unique looks for me…And how to create my various outfits for all my occasions using the least possible items..

Two essential elements to manage my budget! I learned to do more with less, which ended the eternal morning puzzles….like, ” What am I going to wear today? ” or ” What a pity, I do not have pants to go with this blouse . ” Now everything goes with everything , and I spend only seconds choosing what I would like to wear…I feel I look much more interesting then I did in my black and grey outfits. I am definitely feel more attractive then I have in years.

To all women who are in need of a inner and outer transformation…Just one day with Giselle is a you need!

P.S. A few weeks after my adventure with Giselle, I started thinking about what I would put in my suitcase (vacation), and I realized she was absolutely right that my 12 pieces I just purchased would be sufficient. NEVER has making a suitcase has been so simple…and now I can travel light.