Color Analysis Advanced Training

Discover the wonderworld of color that changed millions of people’s lives!

Color Analysis Mastery Training – Learn theory online, and practice in person! Giselle offers online theory sessions, but the practice is exclusively in person. Alternatively, opt for the full in-person training experience with Giselle for comprehensive mastery of color analysis.

Giselle employs the world’s leading color analysis system, renowned for its accuracy. By integrating “chroma” into the traditional 4-season color theory, she ensures a more accurate assessment.

Colors are categorized based on their characteristics—light or deep, bright/clear or muted, warm or cool—allowing for seamless blending and overlap, known as “Tonal or Flow theory.”

This comprehensive approach aids in identifying the most flattering colors for individuals of all skin tones.

This training equips you to conduct comprehensive, in-person color analysis sessions confidently, mastering undertone, season, tonal/flow, and dimension for all skin tones.

Giselle integrates color psychology to understand clients’ personalities, emphasizing the importance of meeting their needs effectively.

You’ll gain the expertise to accurately determine optimal color palettes for clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry, eyewear, and accessories.

Sessions are available in both French and English.


Transformative Color Analysis: Why Giselle Stands Out as Your Ideal Teacher





Giselle’s color passion runs deep, shaped by her training with renown image consultant Karen Brunger in 2005. Discovering her WOW palette as a Soft Autumn, she exclusively wears colors enhancing her natural beauty.



Her mantra: “Every color is beautiful on the right person, and every person is beautiful in the right colors.”

With Giselle, you’re not simply enrolling in a course; you’re embarking on a personal journey led by someone who has lived and breathed her teachings since 2005.


Thinking about training in color analysis with Giselle? Here’s why you should consider it:

1. Comprehensive Experience: Gain thorough knowledge and understanding of color analysis, including theory, practical skills, history, and psychology.

2. Hands-On Practice: With Giselle’s guidance, you’ll have ample opportunities for practical training with her tools, ensuring you’re ready to serve clients confidently by the end of the course.

3. In-Person Advantage: While virtual learning is great for theory, nothing beats hands-on training with Giselle if you want to master accurate color consultation. Understanding how colors interact with different skin types and preferences requires face-to-face practice. This real-life experience hones your skills and builds confidence, essential for excelling as a color consultant.

4. Expert Guidance: Learn from Giselle, who has been honing her expertise in color analysis since 2005, providing personalized consultations to clients and guiding students since 2008. As an experienced practitioner in image, colors, and style, Giselle’s wealth of knowledge and dedication will enrich your learning experience, offering insights that go beyond the basics.

5. Qualifying: Giselle’s course effectively prepares students, giving them the necessary qualifications, skills, and expertise to work as proficient color analysts or consultants. It exceeds the standards required for professional practice in the field of color analysis.

Ready to unlock your full potential as a color consultant? Take the first step towards mastery and enroll in Giselle’s in-person training today!

Qualifications and Credentials



Training Content Highlights:

  • Explore the captivating history and theory of color analysis.
  • Master the art of assessing both tonal and seasonal directions for clients.
  • Delve into Color Psychology for engaging client interactions and utilize a Color Quiz for fun discovery.
  • Learn precise techniques to determine client undertones—warm, cool, or neutral—crucial for selecting the best color palette.
  • Discover strategies for assessing clients who flow between two seasons seamlessly.
  • Identify the optimal metal colors for all 12-season palettes.
  • Understand the significance of neutral colors in wardrobe building.
  • Effectively guide clients in using their color wallet of 36 colors for wardrobe coordination.
  • Explore various color harmonies using a color wheel, including monochromatic, complementary, equilateral, and duo-chromatic combinations.
  • Stay ahead of the fashion curve with insights into Pantone Color Trends for seasonal wardrobe planning.
  • Provide advice on color selection for hair, makeup, jewelry, eyewear, and accessories.
  • Understand the nuances of Color Messages for different occasions and settings.
  • Develop the skills to conduct professional consultations from start to finish.
  • Master effective communication techniques, including understanding psychology basics and the five essential principles for client interactions.
  • Learn practical methods for manipulating a variety of color drapes during consultations.


Practical Exercises:

Engage in color projects to apply learned theories and concepts through hands-on exercises.

These activities deepen your understanding of color relations and harmony. Practice conducting Color Analysis assessments to determine undertone, season, and flow, while mastering the use of backup systems.

Experience a live Color Analysis session with Giselle to observe her expert techniques firsthand. Receive your personalized color wallet containing your best palette of colors.

On practice day, invite two friends or family members to participate in conducting a complete color analysis, with further details provided during your training.



Color Analysis training materials includes:

  • Comprehensive 150-page Mastery Workbook (PDF)
  • Professional Color Wheel (value $19.00)
  • Personal Color Analysis session by Giselle (value $297.00+tx)
  • Color Wallet with 36 fabric colors (value $50.00)
  • Color Psychology Quiz for understanding psychology basics.


Upon completing the training and Color Projects, receive a Certificate of Completion.


Continuous Guidance: Giselle offers personalized mentoring to her students, providing ongoing support tailored to individual needs. Whether it’s clarifying concepts, refining skills, or addressing challenges, she’s there to guide you every step of the way.


Your Investment: $1,997.00 tx (CAD) (10% discount for second registration). Receipt provided for tax deduction (education – training).

Payment Options: Secure PayPal or E-transfer.

Giselle’s Training Schedule:

  • Training: Weekdays & Weekends (TBD with Giselle and student)
  • Dates & Time: Specified upon registration (TBD)
  • Location: Virtual training available for color analysis theory sessions. The practical days in person at Image & Style International.


Giselle is an Official Authorized Provider and utilizes Karen Brunger, systems and products for her color analysis and image management training sessions.

Note: Students aren’t required to purchase Color Tools for training; Giselle provides the Professional kit.

Color Analysis Basic Kit or Professional Color Kit available for purchase during or after training – as about student discount.

If you’d like to order and use it during training, inform Giselle and she will order it for you.

Fashions change. They come and go. Our color tools and wallets remain constant and are not dependent on whims of fancy that may last one season, two seasons, or even half a season.

These wallets have sold exactly as they are to image consultants and training companies all over the globe for the last 30+ years. They have been specifically designed to work anywhere in the world, not just in Canada.

It is very rare that the contents of any of our wallets change; this would mean upsetting other consultants and training companies who rely on the contents remaining exactly as they always have been.


Ready to embark on your journey with Giselle and uncover the transformative power of color analysis?

Join her training program today!


Call Giselle 514-796-1050 or by email: [email protected]


Graduate Review

Yan Jin

Yan Jin is an award-winning Makeup and Hair Artist.

After completing Color Analysis training, I’ve gained the expertise to select stunning color combinations that enhance my clients’ features, regardless of their ethnicity. This skill enables me to highlight their best attributes, resulting in effortless beauty.

On year later after receiving certification, I contributed to Giselle’s Colour Analysis Mastery Workbook, providing guidance on makeup colors.

See my makeup images at


Alessandra Loria

My experience with Giselle’s one-on one color analysis training was incredibly fulfilling.

Not only did I grasp the theory behind color analysis, but I delved into its history, psychology, and most importantly, got hands-on practice!

Giselle stands out among image consultants by providing ample opportunities for practical training with her tools. By the end of the course, I was confidently offering color consultation services to clients.

Having undergone the training in person with Giselle, I can’t stress enough the value of this approach.

It’s hard for me to fathom why anyone would opt for an online course in color analysis. Trust me, you’d be missing out on a significant opportunity to master the art of offering high-quality and accurate color consultation.

Giselle isn’t just an expert teacher in image, colors, and style; she embodies passion and dedication in everything she does. Overall, the course was exceptionally comprehensive and qualifying.