Do you want to feel better about how you look or how you present yourself? At Image & Style International we have image solutions that will get you looking your best and feeling younger, slimmer, and more confident.


Color Analysis

Discover the Wow colors that will compliment your skin tone, make you look younger, more vibrant and more alive!

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Image & Styling

Learn how to select the right fashion styles to enhance your body while staying aligned with your personality, and fit your lifestyle so you look and feel confident everyday.

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Personal Style

Take charge of your wardrobe and elevate your everyday style. By taking the first step on this journey, you’re not just investing in your wardrobe; you’re investing in yourself.

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Mindful Wardrobe

Remove what’s not working, and find out how you can have a month’s worth of great looking outfits with only a handful of items.

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Virtual Consultations

The beauty of the Virtual Session is that it is very convenient.

We kick off by uncovering your unique clothing styles, allowing you to radiate your authentic essence and shine brightly. Then, delve into the essential elements of smart wardrobe management and effortless style expression.

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We are not cookie-cutter image consultants or stylists…for over a decade we have tailored our solutions & packages to fit your needs.


You want a wardrobe that is practical and easy, that makes you feel beautiful, authentic and empowered…

Every. Single. Day?

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