Professional Color Consultant Course

In-depth color analysis training program (5 days)

Acquire all the professional skills to accurately & confidently identify undertone, seasonal palette & flow colors for men and women. You will make your client look healthier, more vibrant, energetic and younger-looking.

Course content

  • History of colors.
  • Colors symbolic system.
  • Study of the chromatic circle.
  • Various harmonies (monochromic, complementary, equilateral, duo chromatic).
  • The 4 seasons and the 6 tonal flow colors palettes.
  • Understanding warm, cool and neutral colors.
  • The influence of colors.
  • Color Messages.
  • Color Combinations.
  • Knowing to distinguish luminous, matte, soft and intense colors.
  • Colors for hair, jewelry, eyewear.
  • Colors to avoid (for each color palette).
  • Steps to accurately determine your client’s best palette of colors.
  • Communicate and manage clients effectively for a positive consultation.

Materials Included

  • The color workbook
  • A professional color wheel


Once completed you will have the confidence needed to provide your clients with an in-depth and valuable consultation.

Certificate of Merit upon successful completion of the course as well as a Color project.


Color analysis starter kit

Start your color analysis business.

  • 4 seasonal wallets
  • Metallics
  • Undertones
  • Seasonal indicators
  • Cape
  • Scarf
  • 10 color strips
  • 2 color charts
  • Color photographs

Color professional kit

Everything you need for a high-profit color analysis.

  • Instruction booklet with color photographs
  • Starter kit
  • 10 flags
  • Flow indicators extenders
  • 6 additional wallets
  • 10 swatch cards

If you would like to order a starter kit or the professional kit to have during your training session, it can be ordered. Please note that it is not necessary for you to have it during the training. We have all the necessary tools to teach you.

Image & Style International training sessions are available in both French and English. Welcome! Individuals, groups, organizations and image professionals. To get more information or to register for a course, complete the form below.