Professional Image

Are you are dissatisfied with the way you look professionally? Do you have a hard time dressing business casual. Have have been told personally by your superior to wear more suitable clothing. Are you are unsure about what is appropriate for the various functions & events in your own industry?

Your image is a visual résumé of who you are: a reflection of your behavior & personality, your style of communication, your lifestyle and your attitude. Is your image sabotaging you or is it supporting you to achieve your goals?

Before you even think of putting together a business attire, you need to consider your line of work, the corporate culture and the nature of your clients.

  • pro-imageTraditional businesses like law, banking, finance, accounting, or high-level corporate, require traditional business attire. The message you want to convey is powerful, authoritative, conservative, and competent.
  • People businesses like teaching, real estate, sales, medicine, and social work call for business attire that conveys their accessible expertise. You should look trustworthy, approachable, and knowledgeable.
  • Artistic businesses like advertising, art, fashion, writing, entertainment, and interior decorating call for a more expressive mode of business attire. The message you want to project is creative, unique, and contemporary.

Your professional image has a direct impact on your bottom line. Clothing can help you reach your goals, and it can send messages that help you get what you want. Because it increases your self-confidence, it can actually help increase your capabilities.

If your job is a significant part of your life and you want to excel, having the right professional look is your secret weapon for success. Look the part and you will be ahead of the pack. We can help you optimize your impact, increase your confidence, and give you that competitive edge.

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