Online Shopping

Do you hesitate to buy online because of a bad experience? Or worry that you might get the wrong size, color, fabric or fashion style? Do you wonder if a store’s measurements or sizings are accurate? Do you have past online purchases that are hanging in your closet, never worn because the return process was too much of a hassle? Or perhaps you were overwhelmed and found it impossible to compare product items and prices with thousands of other designers or brands.

ONLINE SHOPPING canstockphoto11743136We will put these fears to rest and arm you with simple guidelines to make online purchasing quicker, easier, and more successful.

To get the most out of this experience, we recommend that you first look at finding your colors & style. Knowing what looks good on you is a key part of eliminating online purchases that you may regret.

Shopping online is extremely convenient as the stores are always open and it eliminates the time you would spend driving, walking around, trying on clothes and eating on a traditional shopping excursion. Your shopping experience is not limited to only your neighborhood store or shopping plaza, the whole world of fashion is a mouse click away.

At Image & Style International we will show you how to enhance your online shopping experience. Imagine only purchasing clothes that fit and that you will look fantastic in!

After consulting with Image & Style International you will overcome buyer hesitation and become online savvy shopper.

Learn how to select:

  • the right clothing sizes for your body type and body characteristics.
  • the right colors, the fabrics, the prints.
  • the right fashion styles for your personality style that will coordinate beautifully to your existing wardrobe.

Not only will you learn to select the right items, we will advise you on what your future clothing items & accessories should be helping you build your wardrobe capsule. Contact us today to learn the tips and tricks you need.