Personal Shopping

Do you hate shopping? Have trouble deciding what looks good on you or finding clothes that fit? Do you have a closet full of clothes that you never wear? Are you looking for outfits for work, or for a specific occasion?

Just don’t know where to begin?

Eliminate frustration and add more fun with laser-focused personal shopping. Our professional image consultants will help you find the perfect outfits and teach you how to make better purchasing decisions. Whether searching for the perfect suit or need help creating seasonal wardrobes that work with your lifestyle, we can help you achieve your goal, save you time & money…and actually make shopping fun again!

Our only rule: You must try it on.❤ You may be surprised at what you see in the mirror and fall in love with a whole new look.

Personal ShoppingWe have the expertise to help you shop quickly and effectively, as well as the knowledge of what works for your shape, size and age. With our personal shopping service there are no unneeded purchases. Everything we suggest will fit your body and your style, and will compliment your wardrobe, so you can put together a number of stunning outfits. You’ll look fabulous and feel great!

What’s more, over the course of your personal shopping experience we will share tips & tricks that will have you dressing your best, and looking great every single day!

Don’t have time to visit the stores? We also offer online personal shopping. After an initial consultation to get your size, and determine your style, colors, preferred stores, budget and needs, we will find the perfect items for you, and send you the details of where you can get them and what size you need.

To make the most of these services you should first look at finding out your best colors & style. This will also provide you with the tools you need to start making smarter purchasing decisions. We can also visit your home and review your wardrobe, removing what doesn’t work for you and preparing a plan for what you need.

Your personal shopping experience with Image & Style International will have you looking and feeling great. Your new clothes will suit your body, compliment your wardrobe and work with your lifestyle. You’ll find yourself wearing your new purchases over and over again.

For a truly enjoyable personal shopping experience, contact us today. Let us know your budget, your needs and your tastes using the form below and we’ll get back to you to schedule an appointment.