Healthy Body Image

Has it ever occurred to you that you could still look good while you are losing your weight? And every day of your life? Did you know that what you wear can affect your success in losing weight?

Wearing clothes that don’t fit you – either too big or too small, or just simply in the wrong style – will make you appear heavier than you actually are. If you want to achieve your “Healthy Body Image” and maintain it, let go of clothing styles & colors that are not working for you.

Healthy-Body-ImageWhen you see yourself thinner in the mirror, you are happier and this can greatly motivate you to continue your weight-loss regimen and achieve your healthy body image.

While you may be happy that you are losing weight you still need to look and feel good today – for work, to meet clients, to events or whatever your lifestyle is. And if your weight goal is still several pounds away…it’s not time to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

Having your Body Styling done at the beginning of your weight-loss program can teach you:

  • How your wardrobe can help you on the journey to your weight goal.
  • How to assess your body as you lose weight and look at the clothes you are wearing right now.
  • How you can immediately enhance your appearance.
  • How you can start to appear taller and slimmer during your weight loss.
  • How you can start to plan and select the right clothing items as you lose weight.
  • This will motivate you on your weight loss journey.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t look great in your clothes even while you are in the process of slimming down. Contact us today to discuss how you can look thinner—Right Now!