Paul Jalbert

Perhaps as a man you’ve never considered overhauling your closet. With Giselle you’ll find out it’s not only a smart investment, but it’s also fun. I’m a guy who used to hate shopping for clothes because I never knew what worked, so shopping was a drag and I would often waste money on clothes that looked good in the store but not in my life. Still, I wanted to look my best for both personal and business occasions, and I wanted to know how to shop right, quick and cheap. So I called Giselle. First she helped me see what colors and patterns work best for me and which ones to stay away from. Then we went shopping. She trained me on how to select the few well chosen pieces that combined together will result in multiple outfits where everything matches. With her advice you end up buying only things you are sure to love and wear, you always look your best and everything you own is useful. You save time, hassle and money. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, Giselle makes it fun!

Paul JalbertPilot